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   Martin Jordan

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Cock of the Rock C
Squirrel Monkey C

                                   Squirrel Monkeys                                                             from Angel Falls.

                                       Cock of the Rocks                                                               from Angel Falls.

Yapok C

                                Yapok                                       Amazon Alphabet.

Otters C

                             Giant Otters                                                 jungle days jungle nights.

Edward Goldsmith founder of The Ecologist magazine and a keen collector of Martin Jordan’s paintings introduced the artist to his best friend John Aspinall the renowned casino owner and breeder of endangered wild animals. John Aspinall commissioned numerous works from Martin over a ten year period including three mural rooms – a Tropical Pavilion Dining Room at Aspinall’s Club in Mayfair, and two rooms in the mansion of Port Lympne estate in Kent.

Martin’s work ( which is always oil on canvas) is inspired by decades of expeditionary travel in the tropics, mostly in South America. He illustrated four award winning books about Amazonian wildlife written by his wife Tanis, and published by Kingfisher some paintings from which are displayed here.

Martin was born in England in 1944, he has had no formal art training and is completely self taught. He is married and lives in Shropshire England.

Contact email: tmjordan@aol.com

To visit the Martin Jordan room at Port Lympne click on this link:                      http://www.movingeye.com/kentwed/port/martin.html


Hoatzin C

                               Hoatzin                                                               Amazon Alphabet




Hyacinth Macaw C

                              Hyacinth Macaws                                                       Amazon Alphabet